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Welcome to the Sweet Life!

Richard Hines, Marketing Consultant, Lafayette, IndianaI can't tell you how much I enjoyed my 30+ year career in the advertising agency business. I made a lot of good friends, helped a variety of clients advance their business (and personal) goals...and I learned a lot along the way. It was a sweet life.

A couple of years ago however I decided to update my priorities a bit and began to spend my time in pursuit of other sweet things...think maple syrup, honey, apple cider or perhaps just some quiet time at the pond with a fishing pole and good friends.

As this next chapter unfolds I'd like to invite you along. 

Home base for us is Springboro Tree Farms...35 acreas nestled on the banks of the Tippecanoe River in White County. Nothing fancy...just a few acreas of classic Indiana woodland blessed with a nice river frontage, a man-made ("Rich-made") pond and more sugar maple trees than you can shake a stick at. 

In addition to sharing stories of what we're up to here at the farm the main purpose of this webside is to share information, resources and connections to those who have interest in sugaring, keeping bees, developing a sustainable woodland, keeping a healthy orchard, making apple cider - or just spending quiet time in the woods. 

We're just getting started with an update to this website...please be patient with's probably gonna be a mess for a while. But visit often, check out what we're up to...and enjoy the journey.  (Oh...and nope...the website doesn't work well yet on a mobile platform...but we'll get to that. Meanwhile we recommend you visit way of your PC.)