A Grove of Springboro Tree Farms Walnut Trees

Our appreciation for both the forest and the trees (can't see one without the other) started with our days in Scouting and continues to this day. Young summers were spent in a small cottage on the Wabash River (just north of River Junction) and frankly, there probably wasn't a better way for a couple of young boys to grow up...running the river, building tree houses, hunting squirrels, fishing and just sitting in the woods...

...and yes, we had Davey Crocket Coonskin caps.

While we still enjoy our toys (we call them "tools" now), the enjoyment we get out of just hanging out in the woods is still at the top of our list.

When we purchased the farm in 1991, we immediately enrolled the property in the Indiana Classified Forest and Wildlands program. This provided access to DNR forest and wildlife management advice and the development of a forest management plan. And to take that management plan to the next level we later became certified in the American Tree Farm System. Read more about this in the Healthy Forest section of the website. And for even more detail, you'll find our ongoing Stewardship Plan (with the DNR) in the Technical Documentation provided in the footer of each page of the website.

All that planning helped to clarify and document our objectives and strategy. The long-term objectives include optimizing hardwood timber value and the growth of a “sugar bush” (that’s industry talk for a woods full of sugar maple trees)

And the strategy for that timber stand improvement program includes:

  • the planting hundreds of Purdue #1 black walnut seedlings
  • the planting of trees as needed for forest regeneration
  • deer population management
  • and an ongoing initiative to control invasive plants such as multiflora rose, brush honeysuckle and tree of heaven to name a few.

...but if you’d like to know more now, here a few helpful links:

Interested in the Indiana Classified Forest and Wildlands program? Here’s a link for more info:

Interested in the American Tree Farm System?

Want to see more detail about forest road design and construction best management practices? Here’s a link to what the folks and the NRCS used as guidelines for the development of our plan.