In the Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack Interior

At a glance: in the Sugar Shack…

The Springboro Tree Farms Sugar Shack is designed with sugaring in mind. Inside storage tanks are located in a loft on the north end of the building and provide on-demand gravity fed transport to the evaporator. The evaporator is located at the south end of the Sugar Shack with a 20 ft. cupola engineered to help vent steam vapor off the evaporator.

Inside storage tanks are stainless and all transport lines for final sap (as it is fed into the evaporator) are food grade stainless. A lot of our storage and transport equipment is also found in the dairly industry.

Along with the evaporator other key components of the sugaring operation include an RO machine to help concentrate sugar levels (and hence lessen cooking time), a UV machine to help retard natural bacteria growth in the sap and a filter press to enhance the clarity of the final product.

Purification filters are founView from upper tanksd in a variety of locations throughout the process e.g., at the tank outlet outside the Sugar Shack, at the initial pump inside the Sugar Shack, at the front end of the RO process, at the front end of the UV process and again at multiple points in the final filtering process.

Like most sugaring operations in the Midwest, straight from the tree our sap tends to be 1.5% (+/-) sugar. After processing, our maple syrup is 67% sugar…the industry standard for quality maple syrup. 





[Pictured Top: the Sugar Shack interior all set up for a day's work with a fresh batch of Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup. Ths side picture is a fun fiew looking down from the sap storage loft in the Sugar Shack.]