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Bee keeping resources

Bee Keeping Resources


Bastin Honey Bee Farm, LLC

5002 W 450 S.

Knightstown IN 46148

Joe Bastin

765 987 8385

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Cell 317 850 1355

Ron Bastin

317 919 4208

Joe and Ron are bee experts and very helpful people. During the past few years they have come to be our primary supplier of bees, supplies and equipment . . . wooden ware, medications, bees and queens, etc.

Most of all we appreciate their willingness to listen to our problems and prescribe solutions . . . even when it may not result in an immediate sale for them.



Dadant & Sons Inc. – Corporate Office

51 South 2nd Street
Hamilton, Illinois 62341

Phone: 217.847.3324
Fax: 217.847.3660
Toll-Free Order line: 888.922.1293
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dadant is a major player in the honeybee supplies and equipment business. We purchased our extractor and uncapping tank as well as our five-gallon honey buckets and filters are all high-quality Dadant products. We have also purchased hive boxes, medium honey supers and medications from Dadant.

Arlyn Hopkins is our key contact there. He’s very knowledgeable and helpful.

Arlyn Hopkins

217 847 3325




Keith S. Delaplane, Ph.D.

A Year in the life of an Apiary

One of the first and best bee-related educational items we have ever purchased is a book and DVD set entitled A Year in the life of an Apiary by Dr. Keith Delaplane.  The DVD is an eight-episode series designed to teach novices the basics of beekeeping and to give more experienced beekeepers expanded knowledge. It traces the development of ten honey bee colonies from start-up through a complete year of management. Nationally known entomologist Keith S. Delaplane, Ph.D., is the host of the series. The complementary book is an easy-read and a great reference.

This reference is available from many bee supplies and equipment distributors.




8 Meader Road

Greenwitch NY 12834

800 623 3379

This is our supplier of 1-pound honey jars.