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Orchard resources

Orchard Resources


Willis Orchard Company

P.O. Box 119

Berlin, GA 31722.

Toll-Free: 1-866-586-6283

Note: Willis Orchard Company is our supplier of trees for the orchard. They were very helpful in assisting us in the selection of the right products for our part of the country.



Drip Works

800 522 3747

NOTE: Drip Works is our source for the irrigation pipe and components that we used to irrigate the orchard and Christmas tree planting. The customer service is great and they will help you design a system.



Jaffrey Manufacturing Co.

Note: Jaffrey Manufacturing is our source for the cider press.  The model 8400 Press is the best we found.



US Plastic Corp.

800 809 4217

Note: This is our source for the plastic jugs will use to package apple cider.

These are the jugs we use: